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The following links are articles about Sydney's problems.

"Sydney slammed as ugly city"

"Vibrant, magnetic, living large: meet brand Sydney"

"A tale of three cities"

THE PHILOSOPHY OF LIVING Collaborative Services by the guru, Ezio Manzini. “Collaborative Services. Social innovation and design for sustainability” This book presents the scenario of collaborative services with a range of solution examples, design guidelines and conceptual background on how design could support social innovations… collaborative_services_sml.pdf
Housing as a social-ecological system - resilience and adaptive capacity, Dr Louise Crabtree. Housing as a social-ecological system.Housing as a social-ecological system-resilience, adaptive capacity, Dr Louise Crabtree.pdf
Wikipedia article on cohousing -
Cohousing Association of the US -
UK Cohousing Network -
International Fellowship of Intentional Communities -


Pettit & Sevitt



Frame and Generic Space by Bernard Leupen - A study into the changeable dwelling. Frame and Generic Space

Resilience Alliance
Adaptive Urbanism

Boyd, R. 1960, The Australian ugliness, Cheshire, Melbourne. Hayden - Non-Sexist City. Hayden - Non-Sexist City.pdf Schneider, F. & Meyer-Bohe, W. 1994, 'Grundrissatlas - Wohnungsbau

Floor plan atlas - housing', in Birkhèauser Verlag, Basel, pp. xxix, 221 p. Schneider, F. & Meyer-Bohe, W. 1994, 'Grundrissatlas - Wohnungsbau = Floor plan atlas - housing', in Birkhèauser Verlag, Basel, pp. xxix, 221 p. .pdf 14. ON THE HOUSING MARKET AND ECONOMICS=

Randolph, Bill, & Holloway, Darren. (2004). The Suburbanization of Disadvantage in Sydney- New Problems, New Policies. Opolis, 1(1), . Retrieved from- http-/ 84c145ms.pdf Design you can afford, Catharine Munro Date Jan 18, 2010. Design you can afford, Catharine Munro Date Jan 18, 2010.pdf

Real Estate advertisements, sales histories and suburb profiles - Buy and rent. The Australian Bureau of Statistics
HomeWorld is the world's largest display village, with 120 new home designs from 36 Sydney builders. Visit HomeWorld in Sydney and see the largest collection of house designs and builders all in one place. You're sure to find a house design to suit your taste and budget. New homes, new visions... It's all here at HomeWorld, Sydney. Wendell Cox, principal and sole owner of Wendell Cox Consultancy/Demographia, Demographia, and a fellow of numerous conservative think tanks. He opposes prescriptive planning policies in the field of transportation and urban planning instead favouring responsive planning, wherein the role of public planning is to facilitate the lifestyles as revealed in household preferences (the market).
Latest report on affordability 6th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey Design You can Afford, SMH JAN.18.2010


A Blog of adventitious roots, urban forests and villages, natural cities, lost tribes, new nomads and everything in between.

The Centre for Affordable Housing is a business unit of Housing NSW, which works with State and local government, non-profit organisations, and private companies to generate creative responses to declining housing affordability. The Centre for Affordable Housing

Housing NSW is one of the largest providers of social housing in the world, providing a range of housing solutions to meet the needs of today’s community. In partnership with the community, industry and individuals, Housing NSW provides safe, decent and affordable housing opportunities for those most in need so that they can live with dignity, find support if needed and achieve sustainable futures.


Hanson, Chris, Cohousing Handbook, The, 1996. (Amazon) McCamant, K & Durett, C., Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach To Housing Ourselves, 2nd edn, 1994. (Amazon) Meltzer, Graham, Sustainable Community: Learning From The Cohousing Model, 2005 (Amazon)

Common Ground Adelaide Ltd provides market standard affordable rental housing in mixed community settings, to low income people and those at risk of homelessness. Housing is provided in parallel with personal support to create pathways to independent and fulfilling lives for tenants. Common Ground Adelaide

Common Ground New York. Founded by MacArthur and Ashoka Fellow Rosanne Haggerty in 1990, Common Ground is a pioneer in the development of supportive housing and other research-based practices that end homelessness. Common Ground’s network of well designed, affordable apartments — linked to the services people need to maintain their housing, restore their health, and regain their economic independence — has enabled more than 4,000 individuals to overcome homelessness.
Common Ground New York.

The arts documentary 900 NEIGHBOURS unravels the story of Northcott, an inner city public housing estate in Sydney Film: 900 Neighbours

General Reading

A book I'm reading by MVRDV - "Excursions on Capacities."
The book raises several important questions relevant to high density housing, population desities and mans desire for more space.
Definitely worth a read - Here is a couple of key pages in the book to get you thinking

A cynical analysis to high density housing…

Ted Webber (CAPO) and Dr Tony Recsei (SOS) discuss reasons why they believe high density housing is not suited to Sydney’s typology.
Click on the YouTube links below to watch
One of the key messages bought out through their research is that the main problems Sydney has encountered with it's high density areas is that, up until now, these high density communities have been placed in areas that were not designed to cope with the high density of people densities. Adequate infrastructure is not in place and retrofitting old systems with new is not sufficient. Completely new systems must be put in place. Or new suburbs must be developed with the required infrastructure to suit future growth. Poor design of these high-density communities has resulted in failure.
To counter his argument... If the government planned and catered for higher densities, would it these higher density developments become acceptable? Or will the SOS group then find other ways to argue against these typologies to support their out-dated fantasies of the great Australian dream?
As well as this, whole rafts of other arguments have been made on the video’s that are well worth a watch if you have a little spare time.

Underground Living

One for Michael Prakash,

How We Will Live in 2020

An article outlining the future as see's it.

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