Project 1: Research Chapters

Group 1: AR: Simon Palmer AR: Lotte Kristensen ID: Kei Kai Fung

1. On effecting urban cultural and social capital

9. On size & minimised spaces

18. On developers

Group 2: AR: Luke Flanagan AR: Megan Hendy ID: Rob Brown

11. On indoor climate
15. On what makes a neighbourhood vibrant
16. On housing typologies

Group 3:Ar: Vern Ng Id: Carson Tully Id: Rob Miranda Nesci

3. On poetics, intangibility, hidden forces and space
8. On varying density
14. On Urban agriculture and planting

Group 4: AR:Henry sgourakis AR: Duangkaew bangsakun ID: Frances Anderson

10. On advanced manufacturing technology & materials studies
12. On wet spaces
20. On ownership modes

Group 5: AR: Melanie Buettikofer ID: James Patrick Ar: Hyde Meng

On the Philosophy of Living
13. On zero energy systems
17. On the housing market and economics

Group 6: AR: Linton Wood AR: Nick Van Lierop ID: Pang/The Say Chun

6. On Industrial construction, intelligent systems and prefabrication
21. On globalisation
23. On neighbourhood amenities

Group 7:AR: Andreas AR: Benjamin Clements ID: Christopher

7. On flexible spaces and modularity
19. On procurement models
22. On fugliness