Assessment 01 - Research “Chapter studies”
Assessment weighting: 30%

Each UTS and RMIT student will give their preferences for 2 focussed themes for their chapter study, to be undertaken in the first 2 weeks, working in pairs (in other words: each student will contribute half of each of 2 chapters).

Each chapter group must look for a Sydney precedent that exemplifies the concerns of your chapter heading which we can shortlist for a visit. Please don't choose locations that are too far away (ideally within 2-3km, but certainly less than 10km).

Each research chapter will be presented as a 25 page (plus cover) colour A5 portrait document. This is expected to be dense with information, image and diagram rich, containing extracts and clippings from books, magazines or newspapers. It will also contain written texts from the student with their insights and observations relating to the theme and a critical conclusion relevant to the NextGen brief. The chapters will be bound together to form a single collective research book for the course. An electronic PDF version will also be generated and uploaded onto the Wiki.

The presentation of the research chapters is on Tuesday 16th March. The studio runs from 09:00 - 13:00 that day. Please make sure that you arrive 15 minutes early so that you can load your presentation up onto the computer (slides are best in a single doc PDF landscape format as we know they will run across mac/pc).

For this significant assessment (30% of course total), here is a checklist of what you will need to have completed for the presentation studio:-

  1. PDF of your chapter uploaded onto the Wiki
  2. A5 portrait bound colour hardcopy of your chapter: 25 pages + cover page
  3. A slideshow (5 slides ideally, 10 slides maximum) that summarises the aspects of your chapter, the last slide showing the precedent (see point 4 below)
  4. A precedent that exemplifies the concerns of your chapter that we can visit in Sydney

There will be presentations from 22 groups, which means that you'll have exactly 5 minutes each. Make sure you have done a practice-run as we'll have to be brutal with the time keeping.

After the presentations, we'll be giving general feedback discussing the next stage of the project with you.
There is lots to do. Good luck!